Track Formula Wireless Paddle Shift with Electromagnetic Actuator

In this video you will see an Evo 5 fitted with the Track Formula Wireless Paddle/Button Sytem. This transmits all button press and paddle pull outputs through a small transmitter mounted on the back of the steering wheel. The transmission is wireless and is sent to the receiver located under the dashboard which then either signals the output directly or through the ECU.

The Motec M130 ECU has been upgraded to the GPRP package with unlocks the ability to control paddle shift strategies for a sequential gearbox. This ECU also has Level 2 logging in order to upgrade the channel count and sample rate. This is of great benefit when you are setting up a flat shift system on your car. The ECU also provides live logging in the Motec software which has proven to make setting up and calibration easier and more efficient.

The paddles used in this video were made to the customers own design by us in house and 100% carbon. We also produced the button and paddle mounting plate from 100% carbon.

One other thing to highlight is that as you may have noticed, the driver used the lever to engage 1st gear. The system allows for the driver to choose between the lever or the paddles depending on the situation. Leaving the actuator attached adds little to no extra friction when using the lever.



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