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What is a XAP Actuator?

XAP is the world leader in electromagnetic actuators for sequential gearboxes. Our technology is the only one proven to rival pneumatic and hydraulic solutions. XAP’s electromagnetic actuators are reliable, consistent and do not need maintenance.

It is a monobloc solution unlike hydraulic and pneumatic solutions which need numerous elements such as pump (air compressor), an accumulator (air tank), electronic valve assembly, air filters, radiators and various hoses.

The electrical consumption of XAP actuators is low.  It is equivalent to a 10 W lamp for a gear change of 40 ms every two second. Our electromagnetic actuators technology, made from permanent magnets, equips over 300 competition vehicles.

Technical highlights

  • Typical 40ms shift time
  • Low & High side command
  • Limited to 900N of initial thrust with 700N middle thrust
  • Switchable between two power modes (Low/High) for stationary gear change e.g. Neutral to Reverse or First
  • +/- 18mm stroke
  • Compact system that’s robust and IP68 rated
  • Used by Car Manufacturers Racing Division; equips over 300 competition vehicles including the latest RS01 from Renault Sport & the TCR International Series.
  • Low electric consumption; equivalent to a 10w lamp for a gear change of 40ms every two seconds
  • Weight: 4.2 – 5KG depending on model
  • Dimensions: 314 x 135 x 56mm

Features the key

All-in-1 Solution

The XAP EShift Actuator is the complete package. Once mounted, just supply power and communications to the unit and it’s ready to work!

Tried & Tested

Already used in the most demanding motorsport applications around the globe you can be assured that the XAP EShift Actuator is more than up to the job.

Zero Maintenance

A true fit and forget system that is not pressurised or houses any air/oil. Spend more time driving the car and less time on servicing and maintenance.

Design The smartest

User reviews Happy customer

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